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Tim den Hoed


Fueled by firsthand experience, our founder, Tim den Hoed, faced the challenge of translating his extensive Air Force experience into a language understood by civilian employers post-retirement. This frustration ignited a determination to pave the way for his fellow veterans.

Tim den Hoed
Veteran-Owned Company

A Veteran-Owned Company

Our Team

Major Talent is a proud Veteran-owned company that champions a team primarily of Veterans and Military Spouses. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the invaluable skills acquired in military service and the recognition they deserve in the civilian job market.

Our team firmly believes in proactively and intentionally hiring veterans and military spouses, moving beyond waiting for an application on a job board to appear. We have developed a unique approach that empowers employers to understand a candidate’s military background in terms readily applicable to the civilian sector. Our platform not only facilitates this translation, but also connects employers with a pool of highly qualified and talented veterans and military spouses, fostering a connection that benefits both the individuals who have served and the organizations eager to tap into their exceptional skills.

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Bridge the Gap:
Translating candidates’ experience into business-friendly language.
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